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New Year, Renewed You

Did the past year get away from you? Has it flown by without you meeting the goals you set for yourself personally, professionally, financially? I have been in the same spot finding self reflection during the holidays and the need to act as the new year begins. This is a great time to consider your goals and planning.

Try these 4 strategies to renew and energize your New Year!

4 steps to a refreshed and renewed 2017 !

  1. Pace yourself: As my dear husband always says, “it’s a marathon not a sprint!” This is a great time of year to invest in deep breathing and stress management techniques, which as a bonus are a great thing to teach our clients. Click here for a 2 minute deep breathing video.
  2. Renew your cup of compassion: Do you ever feel as a therapist that you give, and give, and give until your cup of compassion is empty? Do you save anything for yourself? For more information {click this link} to read the study from October 2010 on compassion fatigue in inpatient oncology nurses. Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup, so find your own way to renew your energy. 3.  Interact: A new year is a fantastic time to interact with a new group of professionals. I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and joining OT Collective for one of our upcoming social events. This is a great way to get inspired and hear what is happening at other clinics, hospitals, and in other practice areas. Remember one of the amazing things about being an OT is that you can change your practice area and develop skills in areas you never even knew existed in OT. Join the email list for event updates {Click HERE} for email sign up!
    4.   Assess your personal brand: A new year, A new YOU? Could you present your personal brand differently in 2017? Here is a great test. Read the last 5 posts from social media, and view the last 5 photos you posted on any media platform. Then choose one photo and one post to represent you and your brand. If you looked at this would you hire yourself or promote yourself at your current job? Remember that your public profile is just that – Public. If you review your information and find anything you wouldn’t discuss openly in a work environment you might want to make some edits and change course with your public brand. Remember that private or closed groups could be a better option for anything you would consider non-professional. If you want to invest in a brand overview or personal consulting, I recommend contacting Stefanie Diaz of Mastermind your Launch for More information (Click Here).
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