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Am I safe to drive?

The question that echoes across rehab hospitals and outpatient centers following a major health change. The sound of teenagers and adults with disabilities. This is a hot topic among therapists across the nation and this month we will explore the role and services offered by Driver Services.

There is no task in our day more complicated and dangerous than driving. The right to drive is sacred and often we take for granted that we can grab our keys and hit the road at a moments notice. Sadly the systems in place to support transportation for those who cannot drive are often expensive and spotty depending on locations. Therefore it is a heated topic for clients and families. Many families are concerned about a loved ones driving but torn because they cannot provide transportation daily for the family member. Driving represents freedom for many clients and temporarily or permanently removing these privileges creates discord in a household. How can we help as clinicians? How do we support our physicians by providing them with an assessment of client factors related to driving?

Last month,  I went to the meeting of the ADED (The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists) in South Carolina. This group of skilled clinicians involves members from Georgia and South Carolina. Currently in Georgia there are 25 Driver Rehab Specialists with 12 Certified Driver Rehab Specialists across a variety of healthcare settings. In South Carolina there are 10 Driver Rehab Specialists and 7 Certified Driver Rehab Specialists. For a complete list of your state use the search engine at ADED.NET (Click HERE for LINK).

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