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Live course writing event

This month we are pleased to announce our first LIVE event in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Join the OT Collective group for a free seminar on online education course writing for Occupational and Physical Therapists. The goal of an online course is to provide evidenced based, affordable and convenient education to therapists. Many of us have used online education resources during school or as continuing education as clinicians, but what does it take to write a great course? What resources are the best for creating the content, slide shows, images and sound needed to present a course?

In this seminar we will discuss the tools needed to create an online course and review the steps a clinician must take to ensure proper formatting and presentation. We will discuss current requirements for ensuring evidenced based course work and state regulations on continuing education. The seminar will be one hour of content followed by 30 minutes for networking. The event will be held at the Alpharetta Library meeting room.

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